Club Rules

Club Rules

If you need help, we have a list of frequent asked questions and answers. We strive to provide you with the best experience possible. Click on a question for the answer.


Be between 18 and 55 years old approx. and a normal physical condition *.

  • Recommended material for the activities
  • Waterproof hiking shoes (boots or mountain shoes)
  • Minimum 1.5 litters of water.
  • Waterproof jacket, water cape and folding umbrella.
  • Hiking trousers (we recommend NOT wearing jeans).
  • For sunny days it is advisable to wear cap, sunglasses and sun cream.
  • For cold days, wear coat jacket, fleece, gloves, scarf and cap.
  • Please inform the organization at the time of booking about any medical question, both physical and mental, that may affect the satisfactory development of the activity to be performed.

Levels of the routes

  • Low level: more or less flat routes with slopes up to + 200m. They are usually trails along riverbanks, near the sea, etc ... and about 10 - 14 kms. approx.
  • Low / Medium Level: routes with unevenness up to + 400m. They are usually paths with little difficulty (forest tracks, natural paths, ...) and about 14 - 19 kms. approx.
  • Medium level: routes with unevenness between + 400m / + 600m. They are usually trails with some difficulty (irregular trails, climbs in a few meters, etc ...) and about 19 - 25 kms. approx.
  • Medium / High level: routes with unevenness from + 600m approx. or routes of average level but with more kilometres of route (25 - 35 kms aprox).
  • Note: there are routes in which we can combine different levels to optimize the time.

How to Book

On each event you will find all the information about the cost and how to make a booking. Usually you can do by Paypal or Bank. Our bank details are:

Club Senderismo en Londres

  • Barclays - Bank Account

  • Sort code 20-45-45

  • Account No. 33622614

Each event has a specific reference that you need to include on your payments, in order to allocate in the correct event.

When you made the payment, you need to send us a copy of it including by email ( of by WhatsApp (07535295739). Please include on your message your full name, email and contact number (for all the assistants in case you made the payment for more than one person).

We advise you to book in advance, since the number of attendees can vary because reservations are made through several communication channels (telephone, web form, social networks and email) and therefore some routes are fill up soon.

Become a member

If you want to become a member you only have to pay an annual fee of £45*. You can do this by using PayPal or through the bank. or by telephone at 0735 295 739.

You will have discounts on our excursions and trips

  • * Fee to be paid along with the payment of the route / trip to which you sign up.


Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.